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Brain Pain

by Four Year Strong

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Lucas Hattenberger
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Lucas Hattenberger A musically redefining album. Light years ahead of other punk and post core. Lots of variety and musically excellent. Great album! Favorite track: Brain Pain.
matt-gracie thumbnail
matt-gracie This album may redefine the pace and production style of pop-punk. Will Putney really draws out the awesome attitude and catchiness of Brain Pain. The vocal melodies are awesome, the songs are never cheesy and its really groovy. Definitely a great 2020 experience. Favorite track: Crazy Pills.
Jamie Watt
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Jamie Watt A band in a league of their own. I'll just sit back and enjoy. Favorite track: It's Cool.
lewisridden thumbnail
lewisridden Another banger album from the boys. packed with energy and emotion, the tone crisp and swift when it needs to be but also full of grit and punch when it comes to it. Definitely a best so far in the year Favorite track: Talking Myself In Circles.
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It's Cool 03:23
What am I still doing here? 
I wish that I could disappear 
I'm too damn tired to stand on my own two feet 
I'm not as young as I pretend to be 
My ears still searching for the hum 
The ring that rattles through my tongue 
Please tell me you can hear it too
 A glimpse of what I'm going through 
But with all I have to complain about, It's cool

 Every day it's all the same 
The games you play, the shifting blame, it's such a shame
 Every day its all that same 
Stuck in a daze, wasting away 
Luckily it doesn’t phase me anyway 
Every day its all that same 

I cant feel this way forever But it still hurts like hell when I try to control my temper 
We cant get through this together
 So I'll search like hell until I discover something better
I just want to fall asleep and drift away and wake up in a dream
 Where everything’s still fucked up but it doesn’t bother me 
Instead it all fills up my lungs until I can barely breathe 

All the time I try and tell myself the truth 
All I hear is you

 So Get out of my head 

I know without a doubt if I don’t get up I’ll sink right through the couch
Where the rotting of my brain is all I have to think about
 The world just keeps on turning as I’m turning inside out 

All the pieces that I’m picking up off the floor
 They don’t seem to fit the way they’re supposed to anymore 
All the things that I’ve been trying not to do 
They always lead me back to you

 Thought I saw the writing on the wall but now I see the paint is peeling
You’ve got me ripping up the floor instead of breaking through the ceiling You know the feeling
 You want me to burn out but I’d rather fade away
Crazy Pills 03:30
Someone tell me if I’m going crazy Or if the rattling in my head Is just another mind game that you’re playing
 But I got to know, am I just another domino,
 Laying on the ground, that you set up just to knock down?
 There’s only one way to settle the score 

Cuz I’ve been waiting at the backdoor 
Don’t make me break it down
 I’m not waiting for you anymore 
I’ve always been the one to stick around
 What am I waiting for? 
No, I’m not waiting for you anymore 

I never know exactly where you’re heading 
But you always seem to take us to the brink of armageddon
 But I got to know, is there something in the afterglow? 
I guess I'll wait and see
 Does he really burn as bright as me? I think I’m losing control
Talk is cheap 
You caught me on another losing streak 
I wish you didn’t have to watch me bleed 
As I pick up all the pieces that are left of me

 Trying to look on the upside But maybe I’m upside down

 I tried to fill the space between us When we were more than just a couple miles apart
 Get a map, draw a line that connects you and I
 And follow it to the end to start all over again 

I keep repeating the same thing without any meaning
 Just hoping that it takes me back to the beginning
 I just keep talking myself in circles
 Talking round and round in circles

 What’s with the attitude
 How about a little bit of gratitude? 
Forgive my sweet and sour point of view
 Because I already know the truth of what you think of me 

Trying to look on the brightside Maybe I’m just burnt out
I wish it was just another day
 Another ordinary, nothing extraordinary,
 Just a boring Sunday morning
 When doing nothing’s the only something we’ve got planned
 But not today
 We're falling apart and its showing that were 
Basically just trapped in captivity
 Wishing our way out

 Just Let me cross my fingers behind my back And I’ll swear on anything you want me to after that 
I’ve heard that if I cross my heart then I’d have to die
 If you don’t want to say goodbye
 Then I guess you’ll have to learn to love the lie

 You and me...we’re really nothing but enemies Pretending we're not meant to be 

I don’t want to be the one to stay 
I don’t want to be the one that got away 
And if I’m being honest, you couldn’t get rid of me anyway 
I don’t want to be the one to stay
 What the hell? For heaven's sake 
I don’t want to be the one that got away

 If Massachusetts had a loyalty I hope it wouldn’t choose you over me
 And if you’re wondering what keeps me up at night 
It's thinking that you might be right
 You and me, we’re really nothing but enemies Pretending that’s exactly how it's supposed to be
 You can say what you want about me The old me would not apologize You can do what you want without me 
If only I could keep us from colliding 
Over analyzing every move we make
 We think we're just surviving but slowly we were dying
 Until the rattle somehow brings us back to life 
So let's learn to love the lie
Brain Pain 03:46
Watch me fail, watch me struggle Creeping forward as straight as an arrow
 Smash it all, catch me when I fall
 Feel the rain, feel the thunder
 All the chaos is dragging me under
 Shoulder the blame, hang my head in shame 

I wish that I could focus my hopeless wandering mind 
I’m losing perspective, tearing out all my insides Looking in from the outside

 What’s the point? What’s the purpose?
 All this attention is making me nervous
 Clear the air, watch them disappear
 Keep it simple, shake the doubt
 Just surrender myself to the sound
 Refuse to be a part of the great machine I want to glow in the shadow I want to shimmer enough to fade away

 Smash it all, and catch me when I fall 

Take me or leave me 
Healthy or bleeding 
Starve me or feed me Pinch me, I’m dreaming Smash it all, catch me when I fall
Tipping the scales in the wrong direction
 Biting my tongue until it bleeds 
You saw the panic washing over my face
 And now you’re watching me rinse and repeat
 I want you to stay but I don’t want to be here 
Its time for a break but the timing is not that great for me 

Always expecting the worst 
I’m pleading my case with a mouth full of dirt
 Hoping to bury you with every word that’s left unspoken 

I want to feeling something, anything And I don’t need to self medicate I’m already numb 

The television doesn’t hold my attention 
It only keeps me from falling asleep
 The emptiness is filling up the space 
Is this reality or is it a dream?

 I wanted to stay but you don’t want to be here
 Am I too late or am I where I’m supposed to be?

 Stimulate me before the void annihilates me
Seventeen 03:25
We could have it all
 Just another social cannibal 
Searching through the rotten youth for one more scrap left on the bone 
Cut the chord 
I don’t even need this anymore 
So fill me up and watch me overflow
 You had to know that I was built to crumble 

Scatter me,
 Pick up all the pieces, all the memories 
So I can still remember being seventeen
 Pack me up and put me in a time machine
 So I can remember when we were seventeen

 You don’t intimidate me
 Cuz I don’t give a damn what you’ve got to say 
In one ear and out the other I’m deaf to the sound
 In the end we all pretend that the world keeps spinning around me

 Sipping on euphoria but choking on reality
 Close your eyes and picture all the times we got it right And savor the reality
Try to be good when I’m gone
 Though nothing you could do would be that wrong
 I just wish it didn’t have to be so long
 But try to be good when I’m gone
 I’m sorry I can’t stop to listen
 But I’ve got so much to do and I’ve got someplace to be 
The house looks like the aftermath of a hurricane
 I hope it stays that way

 My timing couldn’t be any worse if I tried 
But I find it gets easier in time 

I wonder if you ever wonder if I’m somewhere I'd rather be
 Doing something I'd rather do? The suitcase always starts a countdown 
I know its ticking away but it’s moving too slow for me
A symptomatic sign of the changing times And I feel like I’m just flying blind, So I’m bracing myself for the fallout I never had a strong enough stomach for me to endure All of the carnage, shock and the gore 
You’re leaving me breadcrumbs to follow

 I try to hold it together but you just pull me apart 
 Go on and rip my beating heart out
 Fill my body up with disease It doesn’t matter if I’m rotting from the inside out
 You’re still the worst part about me

 I used to have the nerve to combust But my spine is caked in dust, Completely covered in rust And I’m sick of just coughing my lungs out
 You always try throw another wrench in the gears
 Filling up my head with your bad ideas
 That’s what I get for always sticking my neck out

 Split me down the middle
 Open up my chest 
You can Take the parts you want to keep
 Leave me with the rest 
I can stitch myself up good enough Clean up the mess that you left
Sitting face to face with all the wreckage With no perspective 
I just don’t get it 
Pulling limb from limb, feeling dissected I’m on the fence of feeling calm and collected 

Another lie keeps running through my brain
 “I Can Change” 

I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with me 
I just don’t want to be a wannabe

 Spending all my time self diagnosing While decomposing
 Usefully useless 
Circumstances are holding me hostage 
I wake up exhausted 
At this point I’ve lost it

 There’s nothing left to talk about 
I’d rather you just block it out
 Living with the paranoia Can't destroy the void
 I’m doing alright
I’m searching for you in the dark
 Looking to find the counterpart that keeps me young at heart
 I’m showing you I can be brave, While staring down a tidal wave that washes me away 
Searching the banks to try to find a piece of you to save 

I’m trying to hold on to you
 I’m dying to hold on to you
 So why can't I hold on to you

 I’m searching for you in the dark
 Looking to find the counterpart that keeps me young at hear
t Maybe just turning on the light is the perfect place to start


released February 28, 2020


all rights reserved



Four Year Strong Worcester, Massachusetts


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